Victus Vault (30ml)


Liquid Premium Indonesia : Victus Vault. Dengan kemasan yang sangat elegan, Victus Vault memiliki rasa dan aroma yang sangat sempurna. Untuk pecinta seni dan cita rasa e-liquid premium, Victus Vault sangat memenuhi kebutuhan lidah Anda.

  • Hyperion : Drizzled with maple syrup and a healthy dose of rum. Closely guarded secret for decades, and now it can be yours.
  • Potemkin : Rich chocolate covered almonds with generous toppings of butterscotch and ground coffee beans. A soldier’s delight, now ours in peaceful times.
  • Yamamoto : Smooth and savoury peanut butter with a hint of coconut, banana, and caramel. Masterfully crafted for your vaping pleasure.
Harga: Rp 250.000,00

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